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Getting Clojure by Russ Olsen

A truly excellent introduction to Clojure


When I get excited about a coding topic, I like to learn via two methods: YouTube videos and books. I was introduced to Clojure in early 2020 through a Hacker News post, and then I started watching YouTube videos featuring Rich Hickey. These videos sparked my interest even further, but they were a bit over my head. I had never programmed using a LISP after all. The syntax of Clojure was a bit confusing and intimidating. I started searching for beginner-friendly books about Clojure. I soon found the brilliantly titled book Getting Clojure by Russ Olsen, and upon reading glowing reviews I decided to purchase.

I'm so glad I did! This book is simply amazing. Russ's writing style is so friendly to beginners. I love how at the end of each chapter he summarizes the main points and leads into the next chapter's topic. The flow of the book is impeccable. It starts off with a simple "Hello, world!" program and builds from there. As a coding tutor, I'm inspired by Russ's ability to explain intimidating programming concepts in a friendly, encouraging tone.

I learned so much from this book. At the time of writing this, I'm currently rereading Getting Clojure to solidify my understanding of more advanced Clojure topics like Java interop, async operations, and macros.